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Year 317 – the war rages on for a decade between Antares and Barian empire. In the midst of turmoil and death, a young guard of a small, northern fortress sets off to turn the tides of a never-ending war.



Grid-style tactical combat.





A slave from the southern deserts.

As one of the Demas, his face and eyes were carved out by his masters as a sacrificial ritual.


Guard captain of Northon, a small fortress standing between the borders of Baria and Antares.




A mercenary from the old war.

A victim of chemical experimentation, she suffers from violent hallucinations and mental disorders.


Ren’s sister and Aen’s eyes.

She was rescued by Ren from a psychotic deviant who purchased her from the orphanage. Her hobbies are trap and poison making.






Kes’s oldest friend and Northon’s military advisor.


23 thoughts on “Antares

  1. Hey guys! It looks fantastic. I just wanted to say, I’m loving Stellaren. I’ve gone through the first three in two days, and they’re amazing. Thank you!

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  2. I haveNY played the stellaren series yey, installing them now, & I’m just wondering if there had been named CGs added to the series yet, in the description to Stelleran 2, it said u would be adding CGs when the series iso done, which it technical is since the new stelleran chaperone arcux, is a sequel I’m also also wondering if arcux & Antares will have CGs? One other question have these VNS of yours only been released on Google play store, or have they been released on ios or!& pc too, if not would u think about perhaps steam, I would love to be able to play the stellaren series & it’s sequel & Antares on the pc, if the havenew been released on pc yet, thanks? I would like it better on pc than ios.


  3. Oh just saw that these or also released on ios, any possibility of releasing them on pc like on steam too, already asked this sorry for the repetition, I just prefer playing VNS on pc or vita, thanks.


  4. Love Antares, in one of the photos above it there a new character with black hair and when will the sequel of Antares come out?
    This game and Stellaren is really amazing! XD


  5. I watched all of Stellaren and i am waiting the sequel Stellaren Len impatiently i got an interest in Antares and i absolutely loved it.My 2 favorites genres are medieval(Antares) and futurism(Stellaren).I am waiting also for the sequel of Antares which i am sure gonna be amazing.You really have a great talent for visual novels you should continue like this.


  6. Hi i just started the first stellarem game absolutely love it. However these amazing soundtracks are driving me crazy as i can’t find them anywhere. Would appreciate if i could get the name of these songs, download or even the artist. Anything please and thank you. Keep up your excellent work guys.


  7. Great work. Just curious if any difference in content between free and PRO version? Enjoy the novel, but the game is too hard for me 🙂


  8. I would read Antares over again just for that brilliant music score. Is there some way i can get that battle song? That majestic one that plays everytime the characters make a comeback. Its not for personal use, but just to listen to. Good story by the way guys.


  9. Finally I’ve gone through the whole Stellaren.And it’s amazimg that K has a different look when she’s on the chair.This game helped me a lot in English.But I want to know how to unlocked the futures of T and C’s


  10. I know Android has the entire Stellaren series but on iOS we only have the first one. I recently switched To iOS and was wondering if you plan to bring the series over?


  11. I’m pretty confident to say that stellaren and antares are the best novel games that i ever played on my android.
    Keep up the good work, cause i’m waiting for the next one


  12. Alright stellaren is the best sci-fi vn I have played in Android 😉😎😎😍 loving it
    But anatres is still incomplete I would really like to play it
    It’s story is just so good
    Even I have to play as a girl’s prespective (can you make it to play as AEN prespective)
    Please complete it
    Thanks for the beautiful game


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