I’m an amateur artist/writer/developer from California, and I create mobile story games as a hobby to escape reality.

There’s no development team, the art/story/programming is my personal work and copyrighted as such.



Below are the list of tools I use –

  1. Photoshop CS5
  2. Unity 4.7.0f
  3. Wacom Intuos Pro
  4. Casio Privia PX-150
  5. FL Studio

25 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you Abdalla!

      Yes – I use Unity for all development. The novel part is my own code, but for mini-game I used the Unity standard Joystick asset.


      • That sounds cool. The visual novel library you have built seems to be light weight and very good. Do you write the novel script in a special text file, and the visual novel library loads and displays it? If so, that would be cool. I create visual novels myself, and there is no visual novel library in the store that satisfy me.
        What I need is to be able to write my novel in an external file with tags for special things like branches, animation and stuff.


      • @Ninedux if you do not plan on making a stellaren 3 would you consider selling me the rights to the characters and artwork so that I may continue it…I enjoyed it so very much and want to continue escaping my reality with the same characters. Even if it’s just a comic strip that you would let me make I would really be most happy. Thank you


  1. Yes, actually that’s exactly what it does. It reads a plain text file and depending on the “hooks” like “char_1” or “bg_1” it will do certain actions.


  2. Hello, i love your visual novels , they are so awesome and I’m hooked up with your story. I love the music so much but i want to know the name of the song’s you used ,like you did with Stellaren in the end you put credit’s . i am a shy person and is my first time writing something.(sorry for my bad english) recently i found some great music and i though you might use ithttp://soundcloud.com/cma-music i appreciated if you could listen to it. And keep up your great work I’m supporting you.


  3. Hello,i love you’re visual novels , they are so awesome and I’m hooked up with your story. I love the music so much but i want to know the name of the song’s you used ,like you did with Stellaren in the end you put credit’s. I am a shy person and is my first time writing something. (Sorry for my bad english) recently i found some great music and i thought you might use it in your games http://soundcloud.com/cma-music i appreciat it if you could listen to it and use it,even if you don’t . Keep up the good work I’m supporting you .

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  4. Hello, your game novels are really good everyone who i Share like them,keep doing these awesome stories and you’ll one Day become one of the best game novel developers, also know that everything is done with the Hands of only one Person is really cool, your stories inspire me and i do think that inspire a lot of people ;Love your game novels, me and a lot of people support you .

    Note: my english isn’t the best so sorry if something is wrong


  5. Hi msrk, i recently started stellaren and im in love with it already im planing to go through the entire series. I’d love if i can get the name of these soundtracks for the first stellaren, download link or artist name. Next to the story these tracks make the game for me. And i can’t get them out of my head. Would really appreciate it. Please and thank you.
    Also these novels are amazing made even more so that this is all solo work. Man ur talented wish you best of luck and success


  6. Hi I’m a big fan of your work and the visual novels you make. I think that a story is a new world that the author shapes and makes. Your stories are full of meaning and the world’s in them are truly incredible. The characters you create have awesome personalities with there own past. I also make stories of my own thinking of new world’s in the past present and future. Can’t wait for the next Stellaren.


  7. You’re awesome! After playing through all of the Stellaren games so far, I just wanted to take the time to post on your website my appreciation. Unlike some visual novels which are extremely predictable, your plot is constantly evolving and unlike anything I’ve witnessed. It’s nice to be constantly surprised and end up contemplating what might happen next. I expected this kind of quality to come from a whole crew, but for a single individual to be this talented warrants my respect. I look forward to your future releases. Thanks so much for creating this!


  8. Well…actually, i was thinking that MSRK actually was a team of developers, but after i saw this…I’m impressed. I can’t believe that such an amazing story as Stellaren could be done by only one person. I didn’t liked the visual novels before i met Stellaren, but after reading all the story, i began to search more and more. I think that Stellaren is the best VN that you can find in the Play Store. Absolutely Amazing.


  9. Well…i always thinked that Stellaren was the work of a team of developers, but when i read that it was an one-man work…i was surprised. I can’t believe that such an amazing story as Stellaren could be made by only one person! Man, you’re a pure genius!


  10. I have read many visual novels in my days but Stellaren is defently my favorite. I love the Character design and the plot and the Characters arnt annoying like most other visual novel/anime. I have also read the other visual novel you made (forgot the name of it) and it is really good to. So anyway when is the next Stellaren coming out i cant wait anylonger.


  11. Dude i love the crud out of your Visual novels. The best thing is because i come from a poor family i cant afford of the bigger ones and so i rely on play store alot but dude. You are an amazing writer. Better then any of those huge production team visual novels. Both of your seriers are so great I’ve Stelleran since the 2nd came our and i have re read the entire series like atleast 5 times. You really know how to make good vn’s i’m tryna get as many people to read them because they are amazing.


  12. I really enojoyed stellaren and now i’m starting with antares. All fine till im dying to fine one song… from the soundtrack of stellaren… one that i couldn’t find… it appears in the last chapter in the calm parts. If you could please tell me where i cand find it i’ll appreciate that. thank you and i’m hoping to see more of your future work… your style is unique.


  13. Hey Msrk or Ninedux, I don’t know when did you change it. I was wondering what are working on right now and will there be continuations of Stellaren and Antares. I would really love to read new parts. They are really amazing novells. Also if you could tell me when did you merge first 5 parts of Stellaren into 1 game. Also choice system feels like cheating to me cause I read Stellaren like hundreds of times. Sorry for a lot of questions, I’m just curious. ^_^


  14. Liking the first one so far, in chapter 3.


    Need better character names, not just M, T, C, B, K etc.

    I beat X in battle mode, but story reflects a loss; that sucks!

    Same “impact effect” for a hug, and a punch that knocks out a tooth!? Need better / more varied effects. It is also way overused.

    Text font should be larger.


  15. Man how you doing. I hope good for I am just remembering the time i played this game and help me during a pretty bad time i wish that you could continue but im sure you have more pressing matters. Im here to just say thanks for the great novel! 😀


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