Site is up – with the new game coming up, I will be posting content updates and development logs here. You can also post comments directly onto the game pages and I’ll be able to respond much more quickly.



20 thoughts on “Site

  1. Hello MSRKGAMES,
    I am a big fan of Stellaren & I have completed all five including Stellaren Acrux. This is one hell of a game!
    I have 2 question.
    1) Is it possible to report on the comment section for any issue from the game like bug or glitch ?
    2) Are you looking for any volunteers ?


    • Hey Nasruddin,

      Thank you! Please send any bugs/issues directly to my email, as it would be much quicker.
      I can always appreciate good help, anything from drawings to story ideas. Contact me at the above email and we’ll get in touch!


  2. Hi MSRK Games

    Not much of a vn fan, but I played through all the stellaren games and Antares, and I loved the characters and story.

    I was just wondering if you had any intentions of getting voice acting for your game characters.

    PS. Also, what’s with the character naming scheme in the first few stellaren games? A-Z…..

    Regards, and best of luck to your creation of stellaren LEN.


  3. Hello MSRKGAMES,
    I am a big fan of Stellaren and Stellaren Aucrux and have them completed and think they are amazing. Could you please use the Combat System of Stellaren Aucrux while creating Stellaren Len? I think this Combat System in ways better than the other one


  4. Hey MSRKgames,

    I completely love your Stellaren series. As soon as I read the first one I immediately downloaded the rest and read them all within a week. It’s been a long time since I read something that I enjoyed that much. I really hope you intend on continuing the story till it’s complete. In my mind I can imagine it being one hell of an anime or manga/comic. Or even a complete novel. It has incredible potential. You definetly have something special going for Stellaren, so please keep up the great work! I look forward to the next part.


  5. Hi i am a Fan of what your doing and all i got to say is wow its really good and i hope you keep going, so far i only downloaded what i could on google play. I read them over and over again and every time i cant put my phone down so i hope you keep doing what your doing!!!!


  6. Hey ive been a huge fan of Stellaren and Antares for 2 or 3 years, and must say your work is amazing, better than some big companies that make visual novels and ive read many of them and this is one of the best. This definitely should be released on PC on steam or something where you can make more money and i would pay $20-$40 for it, heck i would pay more.
    Im also wondering if you are still working on Len or you’ve ended it, i would be sad if you have but i wouldn’t blame you, so plz let me no if you are continuing or stopped. Either way thx for everything.


    • Thanks Skywind, I appreciate your kind words. I took some time off to practice drawing & painting, as I wasn’t very good when I did Antares. I’m currently working on Antaria (prequel to Antares), and hopefully begin Len next year.

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      • Im glad you haven’t stopped your work and im looking forward to reading/playing your games/visual novels and i will be sure to get the pro version if there is one.
        Thank you for everything Ninedux (what happend to the name Msrkgames?).


  7. Hey MSRKgames (or ninedux) I was wondering if you are still working on stellaren Len? I also heard you are doing some drawing which is great to hear! Hopefully it comes out soon cause I am still hyped for it


  8. Hello there Ninedux.
    I read the Novel Stellaren I to V years and years ago.
    I still am madly in love with the story that was told and i would like to ask, if an anime and (if yes) what anime inspired you to create this wonderful piece of art.
    Thank you for your wonderful effort and thank you for a reply in advance.
    Greetings Lensar

    PS: should the time come where i have leftover money – i would love to support you with that. but for now my will to do so will have to suffice. sorry :/


    • Hi Lensar!
      Martian Successor Nadesico would be the anime that was the inspiration for these stories. And also Vandread which I watched growing up 🙂
      No problem about needing to support, I’m just glad someone read them!


  9. Hey, I love your past works and I was wondering if you are still working on them, if you are then please don’t take this comment as me trying to say to hurry up or something, I’m sure these games take quite a while to make, but I was just wanting to know if you are still working on these games?


    • Hey thanks for the comment!
      I’ve hit a bit of a rough patch past couple of years, discarded two of my game projects (Mia, and Antares prequel), and just been busy trying to get my art skills up to par. I am working on the prequel to Antares at the moment, and if all goes well this time – I’ll finally get back to the Stellaren universe next year as I still need to finish up the story.


      • Sorry to hear that you hit a rough patch in your life/writing.

        I rate Stellaren 11/10 and Stellaren: Acrux 7/10

        I want the best for you, but I think creating stories with the quality of the first Stellaren would be best.


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