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Year 317 – the war rages on for a decade between Antares and Barian empire. In the midst of turmoil and death, a young guard of a small, northern fortress sets off to turn the tides of a never-ending war.



Grid-style tactical combat.





A slave from the southern deserts.

As one of the Demas, his face and eyes were carved out by his masters as a sacrificial ritual.


Guard captain of Northon, a small fortress standing between the borders of Baria and Antares.




A mercenary from the old war.

A victim of chemical experimentation, she suffers from violent hallucinations and mental disorders.


Ren’s sister and Aen’s eyes.

She was rescued by Ren from a psychotic deviant who purchased her from the orphanage. Her hobbies are trap and poison making.






Kes’s oldest friend and Northon’s military advisor.


6 thoughts on “Antares

  1. Hey guys! It looks fantastic. I just wanted to say, I’m loving Stellaren. I’ve gone through the first three in two days, and they’re amazing. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love Antares, in one of the photos above it there a new character with black hair and when will the sequel of Antares come out?
    This game and Stellaren is really amazing! XD


  3. I watched all of Stellaren and i am waiting the sequel Stellaren Len impatiently i got an interest in Antares and i absolutely loved it.My 2 favorites genres are medieval(Antares) and futurism(Stellaren).I am waiting also for the sequel of Antares which i am sure gonna be amazing.You really have a great talent for visual novels you should continue like this.


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