Slay All Goblins

Announcement – Official site’s been moved to WordPress site is no longer being updated. Thank you for understanding.

Now Available on Google Play Store!

Casual Hack & Slash dungeon adventure

  • 2D Hack and Slash with pixel animation
  • 100 total levels of brutal difficulty
  • Buy and upgrade your gear
  • Use bombs and other items
  • Fight your way out of the caves to the surface



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4 thoughts on “Slay All Goblins

  1. I like this game an its really good an I love that fact that this game focuses more on game then story unlike stellaren only thing is that when ur hit it stops you an you cant attack so enemys can reputedly attack you or at least that what I’m experiencing a so I just continue to die an sadly cant get past lv. 8 but this game is great and amazing I’m still going to finish it one way or another


  2. I have a problem with the game… The attack button is unresponsive and sometime you cannot deal or take damage (but can attack and move) Please fix this, I appreciate it, Very good game tho, and classic pixelated gameplay, I love it! (It’s also based on Goblin Slayer right?) And that also makes this game special!


    • Hey thanks so much for playing and supporting the game. Yea sorry about the controls, I know it gets stuck sometimes but haven’t had chance to fix it. Yes I got the idea after watching goblin Slayer lol. Thanks for all the likes! Appreciate it greatly.


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